Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hola Familia,

Wowowowowowow I had a really amazing week this last week.  I always have a story I want to share, and then I get to The Ciber to write you, and I am blank.  But I will do my best.

First of all... I have been studying a lot of the teaching of Paul.  He is so amazing!  A scripture that was shared with us in zone conference was this,
Timothy 1:12-16" And thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, fort hat he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry; Who was before blasphemerand persecutorand injurious:but obtained mercybecause did it ignorantly in unbelief. And the grace of our Lord was exceeding abundanwith faithand love which is in Christ Jesus. This is a faithful sayingand worthy of alacceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinnersof whom am chief. Howbeit for this cause obtainemercythat in me first JesusChrist might shew forth all longsufferingfor pattern to themwhich should hereafter believe on him to life everlasting."

so I was thinking about why Paul was such a successful missionary.  And some of the thoughts I had... his sincerity, his directness, and because he does everything because of his love for the people and his love for the Lord.

Anyways, this week we had 48 people in church!  In our ward, we usually have 33.  So this is amazing!  I sat there in Sacrament next to Yazmine, an investigator that is 11 years old, and Natalia. Natalia came with her family, after a very long time of not having come.  It was such a beatiful thing to hear the testimonies of the members... which have grown so much stronger over these last couple of weeks.  I was able to teach relief society and Gospel Principles as well... and we were able to feel the spirit so strongly as we spoke about the atributes of Christ and being able to choose our own lives.

A miracle that happened this week:

I had dinner with the Lator family.  Okay... I don`t quite know how to explain this whole situation.  They don`t have much money, but invited us over on Thursday night.  Their grandson, Kevin, was the boy who was just recently baptized.  
And as we sat at their table, which had a cute little table cloth and everyone was running around the little room to make sure we were comfortable and well-fed ( we ate canelonis, which are an italian sort of enchilada and are so amazingly delicious), I just took in the moment.  They repeatedly told us how grateful they were to us, and how they continually are praying for us and thinking about us.  And they made us little gifts.  Easy to say, we were all very happy and comforable around that table.  And I had a flashback to two months ago... when Hermana Gonzalez and I went over to their hourse for about the 5th time.  And, as usual, there were many people drinking and smoking out front.  And Hermano Lator received us, but told us not to say a thing about the church.  Because he was angry about a lot of things and said he would never again set foot in the church.  

Here we are now... they are fully active members.  And their grandson was baptized. And they read their scriptures everyday and pray everyday and are sharing the gospel with others.  And we at their table... without anyone drinking or smoking.  And the spirit was so strong.

I am so grateful for this beautiful gospel and that people can repent and change!  But it makes me sad to see people who lose so much time before doing so.  They missed many years without the blessings of the gospel.  And you know what made the difference?  A member invited them over to their house for a Family Home Evening. And they were again exposed to the spirit, and felt the love and friendship of someone, and came back to church.  Que maravilloso!

I know this is the work of the Lord here on the Earth.  And it isn`t just for missionaries, it is for every member of the church.  Those are the covenants we make at baptism.

Love,  Hermana Briggs

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