Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 26, 2015

Hola familia!

Well I just don`t even know what to say... this has been an amazing week.  We definitely have been working really hard and being super obedient in all things... and in doing so we are able to see a lot of miracles here in Capitan Bermudez.

Well the other week we were walking in a part of town with all dirt roads where lots of little kids and families are outside playing and drinking mate (so that you can imagine it :).  We were on our way to a house, when we passed by two peoples standing outside against a car.  We walked by, but both felt that little tug that says you need to talk to them.  So we turned around and began talking to them.  Turns out he is a member! His name is Mario, and he was standing there with his daughter.  She isn`t a member... and after a few minutes of talking we set up another time to see them.

Fast forward a week later, and we were on divisions with the Hermanas Capacitadoras.  Hermana Hickman and I went to have our first lesson with Mario and his daughter... and it was amazing!  She accepted a baptismal date after we talked about the Plan of Salvation.  It is so fun and rewarding to get to know people and here about the problems and hard things in their lives, and then show them how they can apply atoning power of Christ to their trials and weakness.  And we as missionaries grow in testimony of this everyday... because you can`t testify of something that you don`t know.  

In church there were 42 people!!  Eso es un montón! It is ten more people that we usually have.  Mica and Ivan were there (and they are doing amazingly by the way...going to get married soon and then baptized).  Andrea, one of our investigators who is 14, was there as well.  She is going to EFY this week which is so awesome! We are all fasting and praying that her dad will give her permission to be baptized, because that is all she needs.  Also, the Familia Mauricio was there.  They were sealed in the temple last week as an Eternal Family.

I can`t even explain to you the beauty of this scene.  Beatriz and Jose Mauricio and there five children, all dressed in white.  They have faught so hard for so long to be able to finally make it to the temple.  They have withstood all types of temptation and afflictions in their family and in the world.  They are such an example to me.  Next week I will send a picture  of them!  But as I heard them bare testimony of their experience, I wouldn`t help but cry and know that one day I will see them in the Celetial Kingdom.  It was so amazing.  That is the goal!

Keep your vision pressed forward on what the real goal is... Eternal Life!  It doesn`t matter what we have to do and what we have to give up... all that appears unjust in this life will be made right through the Infinite Atoning Sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Hermana Eleanor Briggs

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