Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10, 2015

Okay we just had another transfer!

Y... me voy de acá! 

I am going to Alberdi, Rosario.  I will be in the same stake and zone, which I am so eternally grateful for.  I will also be training again.  I don`t know who yet... but I go to the mission home to find her tomorrow!

Blah everyone knows how much I don`t like saying goodbyes... but Heavenly Father helps me so much.  Can I just say how much I love Capitán Bermudez?  How wrong first impressions can be?  And how amazing less-active people are?

Okay... last week I was with Beatriz Mauricio, and she told us the story of her conversion.  When she was 7 or 8 years old, she went to an Evangelical Bible class every Saturday and loooooved reading the bible.  And one day she said to her techer in the middle of class, "I want to know what happenedhere on this side of the world.  Because there were people here too, right?"  She was only 7 or 8 when she asked that!!  Que inteligente.  And she said that every saturday, she saw two Elders (who back then didn`t have name tags) ride by on bikes, and they would always say hi to the kids.  Fast forward to when she was 16 and was baptized, and received a blessing that told her that she would be an example to her family.  Fast forward 15 years later... with five children and having been inactive for many years and then reactivating.  And they just went to the temple and are an Eternal Family.  It is so interesting, our choices we make and the way that the Lord gives us to come back to Him.

Annnnyways... so I have been saying goodbye to a lot of people.  I got the call from one of the asistants yesterday morning on calle Tacuman, and I started crying because I was so shocked.  The tears followed me from home to home, as I reviewed how much my life has changed because of the people here that I have met.  I will be honest... Capitan Bermudez is a sacred place for me.  Where I experienced much growth and understanding, moments with such immense happiness that there are no words, and bummer moments where things were REALLY  hard.  

But saying goodbye to Mica was the hardest one so far.  She is only smoking 4 or 5 cigarettes a day! In comparison to the 30-35 when I met her... I am so proud.  But as we talked and I shared Mosiah 2:41, I told her that if we all keep the commandments (her, and I, and Hermana Christensen) then we will all be able to live together in a state of never-ending happiness.  Un estado de felicidad sin fin!  And we talked about how amazing it will be, and I told her I was going to do everything in my power to love and serve my God and return to Him.  At the end of the visit, it felt so normal.  Like I was just going to go right back to them and see their marriage and baptism.  But, when we walked outside, I suddenly realized the sincerity of the moment.  And she said, "We will see each other around."  And then I had to tell her that we won`t... that even though my area is in this zone, we probably won`t see each other for a really long time.  It was kind of like explaining death to a little child... she couldn`t understand why we weren`t going to be able to see each other.  Then I started crying... really hard.  And we gave a big hug and I said, "La quiero mucho, " and we quickly left down the dirt road.  I think I was crying because I am worried about them because they aren`t progressing as much anymore... they haven`t gone to church in 2 weeks and it seems like she and Ivan ares getting tired of all of the opposition from her family (they have a LOT of oposition).

She watched us walk away, and I just bawled.  A few minutes later, we got a text message that said

no estés triste... nos vamos a seguir viendo siempre.  nuestra amistad es eterna... mika.  Te quiero mucho.

To translate it would be 

Don`t be sad... we are always going to keep seeing each other.  Our friendship is Eternal... mika.  Love you so much.

Well then I just started crying harder!  But it was because I was so happy and mixed emotions... but I know that the Lord has a plan for me. That He knows me and understands me perfectly.  That the miracles and progress I have seen here were blessings from Him.  And to Him I am eternally grateful and will serve forever. Because I know that as I do, I only meet more people to love.  

Well this was really sappy but it is just true and I love you all so much.  Pray for Alberdi and Capitan Bermudez. 

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