Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015


Okay so I am now in Alberdi, Rosario and training Hermana Strong!  She is from Southern California and she is AMAZING.  It kind of freaks me out how much we are alike... even down to the tiniest details. But she is so loving and humble, way more than me.  We have become fast friends.  Pray for her spanish... the first weeks are hard.

We live in an apartment with two other Hermanas, who just happen to be the sister training leaders and the mission nurse.  They names are Hermana Yi and Hermana Fairbanks.  We are all from the States and we all are doing a white wash!  This ward has never had a double white wash before... and it is so much fun and very exhausting hahah.

Our area is BEAUTIFUL.  Seriously, it looks like San Francisco in some parts.  We are definitely  in the city... but there are parts that are super humble as well.  It goes from very nice houses, to very humble.  We have a little bit of everthing.

The other day we found Rocia and her mom, Elba.  Rocia is 13 and was sitting outside on her doorstep in the city all alone at night, so we stopped and talked to her while on our way to a different part of town.  We began talking, and they live behind a Gomeria, which is a place to go when you need a tire changed.  I can`t remember what it is called in English hahah.  But we sat outside, it was a nice and cool night, and we were surrounded by a buanch of giant tracter tires.  And we felt that we should teach about prayer... so we taught them how to pray.  And suddenly, Rocia said, "Can I ask you something?"  I hadn`t been able to read if she was paying attention or not... so it was surprising to me.  "Si," I said.
She came and sat down by us and said, "I have a brother," and she suddenly started crying.  She continued, "and he does drugs and I want to help him.  Can you pray for him?"   We asked her to offer the closing prayer, and she told Heavenly Father, "Thank you for sending the mormons to save us here, and please bless that my brother can be free from his addiction."  It was so sweet and sincere as she cried during her prayer and had moments of silence to think about what she was going to say.

I am grateful that I can serve here and so excited to see the miracles that will happen here!  I miss the people in Capitan Bermudez A LOT A LOT A LOT and am excited to see them again as well. 

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