Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 23, 2015 (last letter!!)

I don´t really have anything eloquent or profound to say.  Just that I am so grateful.  I am closer to the Lord than I have ever been.  I have experienced sweet sweet joy and long to always have it.  I love the people here so much.  I have so much more to give, and I am so excited to continue to serve and to be back with family and friends.  

I find myself without words... so I will just end now.  Love you all so much and see you soon.

Hermana Eleanor Briggs

This little thing is so cute! Her name is "sweetness"


She is so shy and so sweet... just hugs me all day long. She is a contortionist in the circus!

Guillermina Aranda

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 16, 2015

I am so sorry for not having written these last past weeks!  It has been a strange few weeks to say the least.  Some funny things that have happened:

-There has been a measles outbreak here... and I went up and give a kiss to little girl that had measles (it´s normal here).  After that I found red spots all over me... and we thougth that I had measles.  But don´t worry!  Turns out that they were bites from the flea infestation that we have in our apartment!  Hahah we are fumigating soon.  Don´t worry... they really aren´t that bad.

We have been doing lots of divisions with hermanas from all over the mission. And this last week I got to go to Rosario and I was serving in the area that was right next to my last area.  And guess what?  I got to go to lunch with one of my best friends from my last area!  She called at night and invited us... and we didn´t have lunch and had permission to go.  It was one of the greatest things in the world... because when I left she and her daughter and her mom had just started going to church again.  And they are now going every sunday and are preparing to receive their endowments!  I learned that the family that was baptized in my last area is still going every sunday... and that Jesus received the priesthood and is passing the sacrament!  I learned that a couple we taught is going to be married and baptized this next week!  And that the single mother and her two daughters that we taught are all going to church in SKIRTS!  

I contemplated over all of these things... and I truly feel that I am the richest person in the world.  I am so happy and blessed... Heavenly Father is taking such good care of all of the people I love.  And I am seeing miracles in my area as well.  Guillermina is going to be baptized this Saturday!  Her mom started going to church again and is going to get married to her dad, Matias, in January (it is the soonest date that is available to get married here because every day is booked already).  I found myself crying three days staight... in the bus and as I gave massages to my companion (she has a hurt back) and as we studied.  It was actually funny... I laughed at myself while I did!  It is a feeling of peace and saddness and hope and excitement all at once.

These next weeks we won´t be able to work much because my companion has a hurt back caused from stress.  We went to the hospital today and she needs physical therapy for ten days and lots of rest.  I have been trying to look for things to do to keep me busy in the apartment... there are many things to do. Cards to write, things to clean, clothes to wash, scriptures and talks to read... but I will be honest it is hard for me to be inside so long.  I have such a strong desire to be out and serving... but I know that now I am called to serve inside and help my companion.  

My heart is just so full.  I can´t think of another way to describe this feeling.  In stake conference yesterday, the chorus sand "Army of Helaman."  And the words, "We will be the Lord´s missionaries to bring the world His truth," touched me so much... for the last time as a full-time missionary.  And I looked up at the stands where the leaders were sitting, and Presidente Zanni was looking at me and we smiled and cried together.  It was a sweet and hard moment.

I love you so much.  I am so grateful for Jesus Christ.  I know that He lives and that through Him I received the strength and grace and mercy I needed to be able to serve a mission and help others feel happiness that comes from living the gospel.  I know that our relationship with God is the most important thing in the world.  And that He has a perfect purifying plan for every one of us... and we can choose to follow or not.

I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost so much.  Love you all

Hermana Eleanor Briggs

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 9, 2015

Presidente has asked us to do divisions every week with some specific hermanas... and this last week I went to Ramallo Pueblo and I took a picture of this in the bus!  This week we will go to Rosario and also have other hermanas come here to do divisions... many many divisions!!

                                                            Our Bikes!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 2, 2015 (1 month to go)

This week was a very good one.  I don´t have time to write a letter... but I am happy and well and my companion is awesome and things are moving forward in our area!   I am loving this time that I have to be with these amazing people.  

I sent pics :)

Thank you for all of your support and love and prayers.  I feel it

We have bikes!

Our area is really green and it's spring!!