Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Okay... this last week.

I never wrote about saying goodbye to Hermana Gonzalez and Hermana Rasband.  Well... it was rough hahah.  We all cried a lot in the terminal.  As Hermana Gonzalez and I sat in the colectivo (bus) on the way to drop her off, we both cried. She told me how she wished she could have seen more progress in our area.  I told her how I was scared to train.  But Heavenly Father qualifies us for our callings!
It has been crazy but weird but good!  I feel a little bit like I am in a dream... Like Heavenly Father is giving me so much strength and support to get up and go running and study hard and walk all day and focus during my afternoon studies and then work some more and then plan for the next day and then go to bed.  It is like I am never tired and I am always focused!!  This is a new thing for me... I think that Heavenly Father knew I would need a lot of help with this whole training thing.
Because training is fun and exciting but hard because you want to be the best example and do everything perfectly with exact obedience.  I am still seeking revelation on how to help someone "acostumbrarse."  I don`t know how to translate that word, but basically get used to something.  I just remember when I got to Argentina and felt like a fish out of water, and my training was the only one holding a hose to give me any agua.  Hermana Christensen is so awesome!  Already speaks pretty well, has a lot of confidence, and wants to work hard.  I am so grateful to have her as my companion.
Mica and Ivan said they are going to take out an appointment to get married sometime this week!  I am so happy.  I was so content in church on Sunday as I sat next to Mica and heard that Hermana Mauricio (a recent convert) and her family were going to the temple to be sealed, and also a little boy we have been teaching named Kevin is getting baptized this Saturday!  I am so amazingly grateful, and a little sad that Hermana Gonzalez wasn`t here to see this the fruits of a lot of her work (she was here for 5 months).  We are just now beginning to see the miracles, and I know it will still be hard in the months ahead, but I know if I give everything that all will be well.
Last week we went bowling with Hermana Macias (from Ecuador) and Hermana Castro (from Mexico) and Hermana Eustaquio (from Peru) and Hermana Egbert (from Utah) and Hermana Martin (from Argentina).  So amazing how you can have such bonds with people who have totally different backgrounds.  Love them all so much!

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