Thursday, December 25, 2014

December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!! Today is Christmas Eve, wooohooo!  I really can feel the spirit of Christmas so strongly here.  I will be honest, I was a little freaked out about this Christmas.  Because you all know how much I love to watch "It`s a Wonderful Life" with all of you, and do bread visits, and see all of the family and friends.  And the music and food and everything!  So I was worried it would be a sad and lonely Christmas, seeing as we can`t leave the pension all day tomorrow.  But I really am just now realizing what Christmas is.  These things are fun and aren`t bad at all... but really the birth of Jesus Christ is EVERYTHING.  The fact that the King of us all, both body and spirit, came in the most humble of ways, in the form of a perfect little baby.  I am so grateful for this Christmas I have to think and ponder on Him.  I am so happy!

Last week we had our Christmas activity and went to Rosario with our Zone.  Presidente and Hermana Zanni and their family came, and we played games, made cookies, and sang in a geriactrico (I think that translates to Old Folks Home).  It was so good to see everyone but even better to see the little ladies and men crying as we sang.  They have had such hard lives, and to know that someone still loves them really made the whole room move with the spirit.

The same happened on Sunday, when we went to a hospital with the stake and sang Christmas songs. After, we were able to go into the rooms of the children and women in labor, and share the Christmas Story with them.  We read from Alma 7:10-12.  And young mothers without support cried with us as they had such great physical and emotional pain, and we told them of how much their Savior loves them.  Oh wow it is so hard to see sad things, but so good to share the hope that our Savior gives us.  It is so amazing to feel the spirit work through you and give you the words to say. I have never given birth, nor been in the lonely place that they are in, but I was given the words to say in the moment I needed them.  My testimony is growing so much.

It has been a good week but weird as my companion goes home on Monday.  Always rough in the last week of the mission.  Mica and Ivan are at a stopping point right now, but we are working through.  I am studying a lot about the Apòstle Paul.  I feel like the prophets truly are my best friends!  Always have advice and can help me with whatever it is that I need.  Mom, I got the letters you sent!  I read all of them in a bus as we road through Rosario.  And I love what all of you said, I laughed until I cried hahah but it was just because I was so happy.  People probably thought I was crazy!  I will tell you more tomorrow when we talk, because I want to talk personally with everyone!  Love you so much!

I have to go but Love you and pray for Capitan Bermudez that the members can soften their hearts!

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