Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 12, 2015

Mi querida familia,

Well it has surely been another week here in Capitan Bermudez, Rosario, Argentina!  You know, you can totally look at the "Street View" on Google Maps and see exactly where I am and what it looks like hahah.  We had to do it the other day to find a chapel.
We had the baptism of Kevin this last week!  He is so sweet.  He is now the only member of the church in his family.  He is 10 years old and a SPIRITUAL GIANT.  I mean it... he is so sweet and caring.  It hurts me to see that other kids around his house are mean to him.  But he just has a Book of Mormon and prays so fervently and asks Heavenly Father everything.  He will do great things and be an anchor for his family... until the time comes when they are all baptized!  Poco a poco.
But as always... something happens before a baptism to try to stop the progress of the soul.  For example... we had to take apart the Baptismal Font (faunt?) and jump in the front and then something happened with the clothes and then something happened with the food and then something happened with the witnesses........ oh my gosh I thought my heart would pop through my chest just from the stress!  Finally a member grabbed me by the shoulders and told me "Ya esta.. hay que disfrutar todo."  Basically, "It´s done... and we need to enjoy every moment."  And it is so true!  I am working on my goal for the year... to develop Aequanimitas.  Coolness of mind when under a lot of pressure.  Being able to think clearly and make decisions and be an anchor for others.  LETS JUST SAY I STILL HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO.
What´s important is that his family had a good time. He had 15 family members that came... aunts and uncles and cousins and the whole gang.  And we were able to talk to all of them and we are going to begin teaching the parents tomorrow.
Mica and Ivan came to the baptism as well!  They are doing so well.  I called them on Sunday to ask them why they weren`t at church... and he told us about how he watched the video of the life of Presidente Monson.  He told me how much he loves the prophet... and he quoted a scripture!  That is so awesome, because usually Mica is the one who speaks of the spiritual things.  Poco a poco!  They are going to hopefully get married within a few weeks... marriage is complicated here.  Keep praying!  Mica said how her whole family makes fun of her for listening to us and reading her Book of Mormon.  But she just yelled at them, "Cállate o te voy a cortar la cabeza!"  Jajaj you can translate that.
Love you all! Keep on keeping on.  No one ever said that Salvation would be easy.
Love, Hermana Eleanor Briggs

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