Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hola familia,

What a week.  Sad and hard to be honest... but I am learning so much.  I also had a lot of really good and funny things that happened as well... but I´ll just start at the beginning.

On Wednesday night as we stood outside waiting for a colectivo to take us back to Gálvez I got a call from Presidente Zanni.  He told me that my companion needed to be in the mission home early the next morning with all of her things, because she was going home.  She´s been sick for a long time, and that is why she was leaving.

I´ll be honest it was super sad and for the next three hours as we traveled back we just sat close to each other and didn´t say much.  We got home, packed all of her things, and she left for Honduras the next day.  

I am in Paraná, a large city here in Argentina.  It is so awesome and beautiful... always so many things to see!  I am in a trio with the Hermanas Capacitadoras (sister training leaders).  Hermana Rasband and Hermana Moberly!  Of course they are amazing, because they are over all of the Hermanas in the Northern half of the mission!  I am learning so much about how to teach and work hard and organize my time efficiently.  They are amazing examples to me, and we laugh a lot.  They are both at the very end of their missions and will be leaving soon.  What is with all of these goobyes!??  No me gusta.  

I will probably be finishing the transfer here in Paraná with the hermanas capacitadoras-- which means I have two more weeks here at least.  While I am away from Gálvez, two Elders are going there every other day to teach my investigators that will be baptized September 28th (THIS SUNDAY).  These Elders are so awesome... waking up early and traveling to Gálvez (a 2 hour journey).  It is weird I won´t be able to see my investigators be baptized, even though it is still my area.

But I saw miracles this week.  Here in Paraná we are having a baptism this satuday of a brother and sister, and I have been able to see them make little changes in their lives (Elin is 14 and German is 19 or something like that).  First they prayed for answers to know if Joseph Smith is a true prophet.  They both received answers through the Spirit, and know that it is true.  They have stopped drinking alcohol and aren´t staying out as late!  They know that a covenant is a promise with God, and they are not going to break it for anything.  It is so amazing to see these changes taking place, and how drastically their futures will be changed by these small acts of faith.

On Monday before I left my Zone, we had a Zone Conference.  The Spirit was one of these strongest I have ever felt in my entire life.  Here are some quotes that I picked up from my Zone Leader. 

"If you don´t see the miracles in hte mission, it´s because you´re not paying attention."

"The limits for man are the oportunities for Dios."

"If you want to see things you´ve never seen, you have to do things you´ve never done."

I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me, and that if I am obedient and seek His will, I will follow that plan.  Love you so much!!

Love, Hermana Eleanor Briggs 

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