Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 8, 2015

This week went by SO FAST!  A week feels like a day now... and a month feels like a week.  Though there are those occasional day when 12 hours feels like a year hahah.

We went to Santa Fe and also Rosario this week for some meetings.  Lots of travel and little time to work in our area... but it is so amazing how much the Lord is blessing us!  First of all, we get to learn from so many amazing people.  For example-- I know an Hermana who, when she was little, saw her mother and sister burn and pass away as their home caught fire.  She herself was in the home, and has scars from burns that are left on her hands and arm and neck.  She was then raised by her grandparents, and baptized, and decided to serve a mission... and she doesn`t share these things with people. But it is so amazing to be able to get to know people-- their fears and hopes and trials-- and truly love them so much!  I am so humbled to be surrounded by real super heros.

Another example is in a 13-year-old girl named Florencia.  She is going to be baptized on June 20th!  I`ll be honest... I am going to work really hard this week, because I know that I am leaving this area on Monday and I won`t be able to see her be baptized.  Nor will I see the other amazing people that we have recently been working with.  But Florencia, like so many other 13-year-olds in the world, has a boyfriend and has been smoking for a while.  But the moment we began teaching her, she said, "Can you teace me to pray?  I need to know how to pray."  She is so prepared!  We taught her about the law of chastity and word of wisdom and other commandments, and she is progressing so much!  She has come to church two times and is super excited about being in the young womens.  She knows some people in the ward, which is awesome.

It is such a blessing to be able to see these amazing changes in people and that the Lord really does prepare His children that He loves SO MUCH to be able to receive the joy of the message of the restored gospel.  

I know that this church is true.  And I know that Christ lives.

en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Hermana Eleanor Briggs

These green trees are all by the mission home. It is so pretty here!

Ana Zanni when I dressed her up like a shepherd with my scarf and put a mustche on her. 

Some of the Zanni kids and I in the stake conference that we just had. Maybe the last time I will see them! But it's okay... we will see each other one day.

When we filled up the baptismal font with buckets!

This is Priscilla! Oh I lover her so much...we are the same person! She is 18 and going on a mission next year!

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