Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30, 2015


Okay wow I just can`t believe how much the Lord keeps on blessing us.

Remember the family that we found last week?  Well the parents just recently separated (por una pavada) but I am pretty sure that he will be back soon.  So mean time we are working on helping the two boys who live in the house... Nico and Jesus (the second Jesus I have met here in Argentina!).

Nico and Jesus are brothers but have different dads.  Jesus is 12 years old and an orphan, because both of his parents died and he has been moving around from place to place basically on his own.  I don`t know his whole story yet... but you should see the smile on his face when he is inside of the church building.  And Nico still has his dad.. but has no relation with him.  He is 14 years old, and the two of them are living in their older sister`s house.

But when they come home from school, the first thing that they do is read the Book of Mormon.  We left 2 Nephi 31 to read, and Jesus read it four times!  Nico loves praying and they are both helping all of the other little kids in the house to learn how to pray and read and apply the scriptures.  It is the most beautiful thing ever!

They came to church on Sunday without any adult, because no one else woke up to come.  Nico is going to start going to seminary, and Jesus is going to play soccer ever Thursday with the Young Mens.

It is so amazing to see this change!  Can you imagine how dark there work was?  Having no one and being so young?  The few people that they do have in their lives have very few morals or standards... and it is truly a miracle that the two are not into drugs or already have children (which happens so often).  They were truly prepared and set in our paths by the Lord... and I am learning so much from them and their faith and trust in the Lord.

Also... we got to travel to Arroyo Seco, which is a sleepy little town about an hour out of Rosario.  And it was so cute... it literally looked like I was in the 1950´s!  I got to do divisions with some amazing hermanas.

There is so much work to be done here... and it feels like so little time.  It is goingy by so fast!  Divisions with the hermanas, vising less actives, finding new people to teach, and keeping up with those we do have, and also trying to wash our clothes while we are at it... wow I just don`t even know what to do with myself sometimes because I can`t figure out where all of the time is going!  

Love you all so much.  Use the time you have in the best way possible!  We are teaching a family of less actives, and the 15-year-old daughter has cancer and is not doing well at all.  And I see how the family has lost all hope and love for the Lord... and it is the saddest thing to see how they refuse to use what little time they have in such a poor way.  The parents have been separated for many years, and all of the children have forgetten how to pray and don`t know what the Book of Mormon is.  We are doing our best to listen to the spirit to know how to help. Like you said, mom, "Don`t get caught up in the thick of the thin things!" Presidente Monson.

Hermana Eleanor Briggs
Patriarch Florencio Taborda. He is so amazing... I truly love him so much. His love for the Lord is so strong and he is 91 years old! And plays the accordion. 
This is what most of downtown Rosario looks like... a lot of parts remind me of NYC.

Seeing Hermana Christensen agin! I didn't think I would see her until after the mission! She is the hermana that I trained for a transfer in Capitan Bermudez. It was so awesome to see how far she has come when I did divisions with her.

Divisions with Hermana Lopez! She is from Chile and is so amazing... so loving this woman!

We found a fish  head in our apartment... oh Elders.

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