Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 1, 2015

Que semana maravillosa.

It has been the most humbling week of my entire mission-- just because the people here are so faithful and loving and GIVING.  

A brief list of things that happened this week:

-A member pulled me out in the hallway at church and gave me a little purple box.  She told me that inside were the pair of earrings that she wore when she was re-married (her first marriage having left her with 5 children to raise alone and no money to do so and two sick parents to take care of as well).  She told me that they marked the day that changed her life and she became mother of five more children (her current already having 5 children of his own that he raised alone after his wife passed away).  And that she wanted to give me the earrings... because she prayed and felt that she needed to do so.  We hugged and I was so speechless I feel that I did not adequately show my love and appreciation for her... but inside I felt I might burst.
-A family of 6 invited us over to eat, and then told us that they would take us home in their car. When we pulled up to our house, they got out a bunch of grocery bags and gave them to us.  THIS FAMILY DOESN´T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY FOR THEMSELVES TO EAT.  But she said that the spirit told her she needed to do it.  And she did so with a humongous smile and gave us a big hug.  How did she know we had gone to the grocery store to by food that morning for the four hermanas that were coming to stay with us for a few days... and left with nothing but cereal and milk because we didn´t have any money?
-We are teaching a family... the Molina family.  Their son passed away on April 6th.  And all of the children and the mom are so interested... we cried together as we talked about the plan of salvation.  They came to church on Sunday and will be baptized in a few weeks!
-I went to another little town called "Victoria" to look for my family with the last name "Cardon."  I talked to all of them there... and found one woman named Liliana.  She cried with us as she told us that her mother recently passed away from cancer... and she too has cancer and is not doing well.  She is about 40-years-old and lives with her son.  We hugged and shared about the plan of salvation... and I told her that we are relatives in some way.  I´ll never forget the way that she shook as she cried hopeless tears, followed by tears of hope of being able to hug her mom again.

There were a lot of other things that happened this week.  It seemed that every day more and more amazing little things happened.  And I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers and is mindful of all of His children.  

Love you all so so much.

Hermana Eleanor Briggs

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