Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

This week was exactly like those weeks that you always hear about in the life of a missionary... but it is so different to actually live it.

It was rough.  All of our lessons were falling through.  We didn`t see progress in any of our investigators or less active families.  We felt that we were losing a lot of time, and we also began having that creeping feeling of "maybe it is all our fault."  

We went to stake conference on Saturday night, and it was all about helping our friends from the premortal life. About finding them and seeking them and helping them receive the happiness of the gospel.  It was great... I left knowing that I have found some of those people, and that many more I still have yet to find.

But in the Sunday session we were a little bummed out... only two families from our entire ward came to the conference, and no investigators.  We came home and maybe cried a little bit :)

I have two minutes left to write so I am going super fast.  We went to a less active family, and we visit them every week.  But they never seem to progress... they are sealed in the temple and have 5 kids but haven´t gone to church in 8 years.  The mom´s name is Natalia.  And as we taught, they told us that they are coming to church this Sunday and aren´t going to let anything stop them.  They are going to go back to the temple!  And Natalie told us, "Thank you for your persistance and insistance... becauase you coming every week gave us the strength we needed to start going back to church.  Thank you for always coming."  Ah I could have cried I was sooo happy to hear this... because we never know when something we are doing is actually making a huge difference.  They have two little girls,  (5) and (4) and two boys they are so awesome and ready to be baptized.  After 10 weeks of visits, they are going to come to church!!

Love you all!  Got to go.  I will send more pics next week.

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