Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 15, 2014


Our leaders called us a few days ago and told us that our mission, the Argentina Rosario Mission, will be divided into two different missions.  It will become the Argentina Santa Fe mission, and Argentina Rosario mission.  And it will happen in July!  What this means:  my past areas will be in a totally separate mission. And I might not end up finishing my mission in the Argentina Rosario mission.  Wow.  

Makes you want to cryThis week was a good one.  We saw a lot of miracles.  First of all, Mica and Ivan have had a 100% change.  They have this light and hope in their faces that has never exhisted before!  It is so beautiful to see, there seriously is nothing like it.  We were walking on the street the other day, and we heard a little voice yell "Hermanas!"  And we turned around and it was their three year old.  They pulled along next to us all piled up on their motorcycle, and they were just beaming from ear to ear.  So happy and energized!  How different from the couple we met that depended solely on cigarettes to have relief, and spent all day watching movies and not knowing how amazingly great their lives could become.

Hard Thing We also had divisions this week with the Hermanas Capacitadoras (I think it translates to sister training leaders).  They came down from Parana, and we had a great time.  But it was kind of sad because it was the last time I would see Hermana Rasband for a year since she goes home after this transfer (along with my companion).  But I am grateful for the time I still have to keep on working!  

MIRACLE The next day I was sick and we couldn`t leave from the apartment accept to buy gatorade de manzana (apple Gatorade).  But it was such a blessing!  Because we planned and did all we had to do, and I was taking a nap in bed (with permission of course) and suddenly we heard a million hard things hitting the tin roof.  It was raining rocks!!  I guess that happens here sometimes.  But it just came out of no where, and if we had been outside it could have been bad.  And it was only in our area that it happened!!  So I am grateful to have been sick, it truly was a blessing. By the way I am no longer sick now, it was just from something I ate (probably some raw meat).

And church was a great day.  There were two less active members in  the ward that I have never seen come to church!  We have been working with them for a while so that was so great to see.  And Mica and Ivan came as well!  And she cried and said "Hermoso."  Means beautiful.  And it is so amazing to see this... she never thought she had any worth, and now she can see it.  Ivan as well... his eyes teared up as we spoke of guiding stars in our lives.  Today we are going to put a date on their marriage and baptism!  I am so grateful to be here at this time and for all of the help and strength that the Spirit sends to us.  Heavenly Father loves us and Christ lives.

Love, Hermana Eleanor Briggs

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