Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 26, 2014 - Waiting for my new companion

Hola from Santa Fe!
Today I am the city of Santa Fe, which I think is beautiful.  I imagine it looks a lot like Europe... maybe a tiny bit dirtier :)
I am waiting to receive my new companion tomorrow... and I am so excited!  It was difficult to say "hasta luego" to my "media naranja" (which literally translates to ´half an orange´ and means my other half).  I am so grateful for the mountains that Hermana Boren and I were able to climb together, and grateful to climb even more! "Don´t live with regrets.  Live with learning for the future." -Hermana Boren.  She told me this on a particularly self-doubtful day.  I hope it can help one of you.
Okay... we have a less active member of the ward names Electra.  She is pushing 80 years old I think, and she is so sweet.  She wants to learn English, and was a professor of humanities and social studies for years.  She is maybe 4´4" because I believe that I am a foot taller than her... and she is just the sweetest thing!  Always wearing pink or purple scarves and baggy sweaters and maybe some sort of a crazy coso in her white hair.  Whenever we work with the elderly, I am reminded of President Monson and his love and service for them.  They have so much to teach me.. they have seen so many things!  I hope that I too can teach them something. 
Electra´s house is like a story book. Or maybe a haunted house.  There are stacks and piles of books with layers upon layers of dust.  Spider webs are everywhere and she has two really creepy refridgerators with who-knows-what hidden inside.  But I love going over there because she has an energy and spirit that is so lively! She is so ready to learn.
Happy birthday Amelia Mae!!
I am giving you a big hug from Argentina.  Be ready for me when I come home... because I am now a lot more huggy than I was before.  The Latin culture is rubbing off on me :)

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