Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

I have to be the most blessed person in the world to be here right now.  Yesterday I was able to see my first baptism.  Sergio and his two children, Aylén and Gabriel.  Esteban is seven and will join them next year!
I just feel so grateful.  The truth is that I had the privilege of teaching them their lessons... other Hermanas (who are so awesome) found them in the beginning and were later transfered.  I am just so grateful to know this family and see their progression-- they are such an example to me. 
It is so humbling.  During the confirmations of his children, I could hear Sergio softly sobbing behind me.  Their faces were lit up all throughout the day, and their Spirits so bright.  I only wish I could convey the happiness and warmth of the moment.  It was beautiful.  They already are trying to share all that they know.  He can see how much it has blessed his life, and
wants others to feel the same happiness.  When he bore his testimony, he spoke of the darkness and despair and hopelessness that he once had.  His children were all that kept him going in the morning and at night.  He was yearning for the truth and guidance and help.  That was when he found the missionaries.
We had some adventures before the baptism!  Cleaning out the font (in our skirts), trying to clean up all of the water that flooded the President´s office and the primary room, and working on rounding up people to attend the service.  The font is in a garage that is connected to our little chapel... so that will explain why the pictures look like we are in an auto shop.  But the truth is, it felt totally normal to me!! I am only just now realizing that is weird.
Hermana Boren (my trainer) is leaving me this Sunday.  We were talking, and decided that it is kind of like my comfort blanket is being ripped off!  I will have to be in charge of this area... I don´t know much spanish, I don´t know the roads very well, I still struggle to use the keys here (the locks and keys are super weird), and I definitely don´t know how to teach very well.  But one thing I do know is that I love these people.  And I know that Heavenly Father won´t let my weaknesses impede His children from progressing.  I am completely inadequate, but with the Grace of the Atonement I can be made strong.
Next week we will see where I am and what I am doing!  I know I have amazing leaders that will help me through... and Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.

Love you all! Keep on.
Love, Hermana Eleanor Briggs

Baptism Day! (notice font in the background)
Excited for upcoming baptism

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