Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

Okay funny story...

We were having lunch last week with Pichy and Daddy (I don´t think they know what their names mean hahah) and they found out that dad is in the film business.  They said he should come to film them and their family... because there is enough drama there to make us rich!  It was really funny.

Also, I apologize for lack of pictures.  The computers here are sketchy and if I plug it in a wrong one it will erase my memory card... so hopefully next week I can get a better computer.  But trust me... there´s a lot of good ones coming your way.

I have been thinking a lot this week about how discipleship requires sacrifice.  If we aren´t progressing and moving forward in testimony and service... we are moving backward.  There is no stagnant rest. It is so important for us to always look for ways to strengthen our testimonies and those of the people around us as well.  It is called "The Cause of the Christians" in Alma 48:10.. and it is the same cause today as existed then.  We must follow Alma 48:7 and prepare our minds for the fight ahead.  This generation, the the preceeding, and the coming all have a large responsibility that requires sacrifice.  But we know that anything we sacrifice is never lost... we receive so many blessings.  I hope and pray that we can all find the strength to not be as the Zoramites in Alma 43:4.  Those that stood on the middle ground eventually all fell... we must choose and follow up on those choices.  Forever striving to be better.  That is the meaning of Discipleship.  And "Enduring to the End."

Here is a way that I have seen this.
This week was harder than the rest.. I think because Hermana Boren is going to leave in two weeks and I just know that I´ll be here in Gálvez with a lot more responsibility.  Plus she is amazing and I will miss her!  Anyways... we were both having a really hard day this past week.  And it was night time and we were going to Sergio´s home (the father of the three little kids and they are all getting baptized on SUNDAY!).  When we got there, his children weren´t home.  And we can´t enter the home without a woman of 10 years or older... so we stood outside.

Sergio is such an example to me.  He is truly converted.  He has changed so much.  He testified to us out there!  He sensed, through the Spirit, that we were having a hard time.  He shared his testimony with us, and ended by telling us that we have so many things before us that we can´t see.  Miracles that we will behold.  Spirits that are waiting to hear, that we have the privilege of seeking out.  He told us how through Jesus Christ, all things are possible.  

I know that this is true.  I know it with my whole heart.  That because Jesus Christ died for us, we can repent and become whole.  We can achieve the enabling power of grace to overcome our weaknesses, to step up to our callings, to see the light in dark times, and to live again with our Heavenly Father.  Our Heavenly Father who loves us so much.  I can feel a little bit of that love through the children´s prayers in our primary class.  As they whisper softly to please protect their dad and the missionaries, and ask to not feel alone, and thank Him for families and the happy feelings that the gospel gives to them.  They are so simple and sincere... I only hope to reflect what I am learning from them.

Sometimes we are so happy that we just want to cry! We decided we need to space out all of the miracles and tender moments because our hearts just can´t fit it all!  Like after Sundayyesterday... Hermana Boren taught primary for two hours and gave a 20 minute talk (wow) and I taught gospel principles to 9 adults and lead the music (yikes)!  We had the highest attendance in all of our time here... 17 people (including us)!  The spirit was so strong with the members... I love to see their eyes as they discover new things and decide to renew their coventants and make changes in their lives.  It is so amazing to behold.  Every morning (well most mornings) I wake up and just smile in the mirror and can´t stop because I am so happy.  I am just trying to convey to you how happy service makes you... especially this type of service.  It is so hard but so rewarding.

Love you all so much.  

Love, Hermana Eleanor Briggs

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