Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 24, 2014 - Week 3 MTC

We can do hard things!
I saw the Bouchers out my bus window!  I was banging on the window and trying to get there attention.  So close... and yet so far.
Hermana Cano from Spain.  Oh how I miss her!

Mom and dad I see these senior missionaries everywhere and it always makes me think of you!  They are so fun to talk to, I seize every opportunity I have to meet them.  Probably because they remind me of you two and have so much life experience.  You will be fantastic missionaries one day!

Okay, a few items of business first.  I challenge you to read Joseph Smith History 1-20 for Family Home Evening.  It is such a powerful account and will really bring the Spirit to the home. Because I am set apart as a missionary, I have the authority to make a promise when I am prompted to.  And I was prompted to do just that!  I often find myself in a lesson and know exactly what to say... though it is not my own knowledge that I am drawing from, it is the Spirit. Also, Joseph Smith is just so full of faith and trust and I always feel empowered by him.

Speaking of faith and trust-- watch the "Earthly Father Heavenly Father" Mormon Message.  Do it right now!!  On youtube or it is only two minutes long.  Truly I love it so much... and you know how hash of a critic I am with these sort of things.  But it is just so full of simple and beautiful truth.

I was called on, randomly, to speak in Sacrament meeting on Sunday.  In Spanish.  And wow I actually did well!  I spoke on Faith in Jesus Christ, and the words just found my mouth.  

You know how you just connect with some people.  Like your meeting was foreordained?  I met with my mission presidents-- President and Sister Zanni-- on Monday night.  And it was as though we have just been waiting to come together.  They said that they felt this way as well.  We had a surprisingly easy time speaking only in Spanish (seeing as they only know a few words in English).  They are so humble an hard-working and faithful.  He said that when he was called as a mission president, he was beyond surprised.  Elder Uchtdorf skyped and interviewed him.  Last week he was set apart by Elder Scott.  I swear they are just such amazing people I love them already.

On Sunday our devotional was Janice Kapp Perry (who wrote almost every memorable primary song, as well as "Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman") and her husband.  Oh my I can't even.  They were too cute!  They are old now and both have had some bad turns with health... but he kissed her right there on stage.  And they sang together.  And they told us about their missions.  It was amazing.  At the end we sand "As Sisters in Zion" and "Army of Helaman" medley.  We began sitting, but all ended standing.  I am not exaggerating-- every person, both Elder and Sister, had tears just streaming down his/her face.  I was a wreck.  The Spirit was like a tunnel of light that just flooded and filled the room.  EVERY SINGLE PERSON.  And after we couldn't stop smiling.  

Today Elder Christofferson spoke, and Elders Ballard, Bednar, Andersen, and Oaks, and Nelson all presided at the meeting.  Along with every new mission president and his wife.  I can't even describe the power in that room.  Elder Christofferson spoke of how we are all created in God's image: not just physically, but everything about us is Godlike.  We are from an Eternal being and meant to be an Eternal being.  Life has no end.  The worth of a soul is equal to its capacity to become as a God.  Everyone has the same worth and potential, and when we see everyone like that, we treat everyone as Christ would.  Because He saw us for all we could become.

Also, greatness comes as you serve.  Jesus was the greatest because He served the most.

I apologize for the scatteredness of this email. Lots of things are coming to my mind, and I don't know how to type fast enough in order to give them to you.  I don't even think that made sense either.  But it is all sincere, I know that all of these things are true.  And I cannot deny them; now or ever.

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