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June 17, 2014 - Week 2 MTC

Family (and especially Dad),

Happy late father's day! I thought about you all day and what a blessing you are in my life.  I am so blessed to have you.  Did you get my card?  Did all of you get my cards?  I hope so!  I got the skirt you sent, it is perfect.  Very flattering if I do say so myself.  

Henry, I am so excited for you to serve a mission.  The Elders are such a strength here-- and the priesthood is a powerful thing.  I know you will be amazing.

So, news for this week.  I took a really big step in my life and bought a new set of scriptures for myself!  It was exhilerating.  The ones I brought here are the ones I have had since I was eight.  The ones that I used to sleep with every night!  There just isn't room to fit my new moments of inspiration.  But this new set of genuine leather ones I bought were only $60.  Missionary discount!

Speaking of moments of inspiration, I have taken to recording all of my new insights and such in a notebook.  It is a labor of love.  And I will share one new insight with you each week.  So here's this week's: In 1 Nephi chapter 1 it is written that Lehi "prayed with all his heart on behalf of his people."  Lehi was then carried away in a vision, in which he was warned that Jerusalem would be destroyed and he and his family need to leave.  The significance lies in the fact that he was praying to the Lord for for others, but saved himself in the process.  And even after he received this vision, he tried to save anyone who would listen to him.  He truly was lost in the work.  What an amazing example.  As we serve others, our lives have a way of working out.  

My companion told me that she felt that she doesn't know exactly who she is.  So this led to the question, who am I?  We attempted to answer this.  Here were some of the things that we felt: Full time missionary, Hope of Israel, Covenant Daughter, Faithful Servant.  And as always, a work-in-progress.

I wish I could tell you all about everything I've learned.  Yesterday all of my friends left.  I was sincerely sad to see Elder Preston, Hermana Tapia  (the one from Argentina), and Hermana Cano (the one from Spain) leave. Hermana Tapia and I grew so close-- I swear we've known each other for more than twelve days!  Last night we sat in the grass and just talked forever.  And cried together.  Not really tears of saddness, just bittersweet ones.  She will be so amazing and I've been truly blessed to know her.   

I will also share one tender mercy a week with you.  Believe me, there are far too many happening each day to even count.  But the Lord is helping me to see them, and open my eyes to all He is giving me.  One I think you'll enjoy is this... I met my mission president!  President Zanni-- he and his wife are here for training.  They just got here and will arrive in Argentina two weeks before we do.  They are from Buenos Aires and speak no English, but I already love them.  And they already love us.  Sister Zanni said, "Right now I have seven children.  In a month-- 250."  She is so sweet I felt so much peace in meeting them.

Okay, funny moment of the week.  And of course it involved tripping! So last Tuesday Elder Quentin L. Cook spoke to us at the devotional-- and like I mentioned earlier, I was singing.  During practice they were prepping to broadcast the devotional.  And right before it began I had to use the restroom.  Hermana Fry and I quickly stood up so that we would make it back in time, and as I ran up the stairs that run directly between the two sides of the audience, my foot caught on a step and I went down.  Hard.  Onto the metal steps.  And it was loud.  It sounded like a bunch of bricks hitting a tin roof. It was so loud, every head turned back and looked at me-- both the Elders and the Sisters.  And my skirt had come up, so what they saw was definitely not MTC appropriate.  Some Elders came and helped to pick up my bag and such.  My face was so red, I popped up and laughed and kept on going.  Later that night I was informed by some Elders in my zone that those who were not fortunate enough to be in sight of my graceful fall were able to see it on the jumbo screen ahead of them.  Because right at the exact moment I fell, the cameraman was prepping the screen and camera for the upcoming broadcast.  And it was focused right on me.  Oh well, like I always say, never take yourself too seriously!! 

I am learning the language of the Spirit.  I am recognizing so many "revelatory experiences" as Elder Bednar so eloquently calls them.  And I love you all!  Think of those separated by the Berlin Wall? Or other wars throughout history?  Or death, with no knowledge of the Plan of Salvation?  We are so blessed!  Amelia, I love the quote you sent me.  And mom and dad, the things you tell me I always read out loud and end up using throughout the day. I love the scriptures.  They give me peace and joy any time of the day or night.

I pray for you and feel your prayers.  Love you all more than you know.

Love, Hermana Briggs

President and sister Zanni, our new mission presidents! What a tender mercy.
Army of Helaman

Had to say adios to all these fine elders. Love them all!

Hermana Tapia and I We were so meant to be friends.

Missionaries laugh too!

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