Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10, 2014 - Week 1 MTC

Thoughts on being an hermana:

love the MTC.  Sincerely I do.  It is an honor to be an hermana! I have been called as a disciple of Jesus Christ to declare His word.  My mind is expanding so much, everyday.  My Spirit, heart, memory, capacity to do the Lord's work-- all are expanding and I feel so close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.This is only 1.5 of my 80+ (hopefully) years on earth, and I am going to make the most of it.  This is the only time I can devote all of my time and energy toward helping to strengthen others' relationships with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ (actually... I don't know if that's true.  I think it can be done.  I've seen it a few times.).

Thoughts on MTC life:

Okay so obviously things are really structured.  But that's okay!  I love spanish so much.  I love to study it.  I think castillano spanish is one of the most beautiful languages.  My teacher, Hermano Arnold, is amazing.  I feel that I am doing well, and I have been dreaming in spanish these past nights, so that's good!
For gym we play volleyball everyday, but more on that to come.  The food is sub-par to say the least.  In fact, I really don't like it.  We are on West Campus... completely separate from the main MTC.  So we have a lot less options... and the salad bar is always the same!  Oh well.
Everyone here is so sincerely nice.  I mean... everyone wants to help in any way possible.  I think it's beautiful.  If everyone in the world were like those at the MTC, it would be difficult for anyone to have a bad day.  Even though we are all stressed beyond belief, this is dedicated ground and it makes it so much easier to be happy.  Plus we are doing the Lord's work, so what isn't there to be happy about!  In the words of Joseph Smith, "How can we not go on with so great a work?"  I may have gotten that wrong.

My favorite parts of the day:

*Gym-- Everyday we play volleyball for gym.  We go to the bubble, say a prayer, and play for almost an hour.  Our entire zone plays, which is so much fun because we get to play with the Elders.  Did I mention how much I love them?  Our zone leader, Elder Preston, is awesome.  I am actually getting pretty good at volleyball (she said humbly)!  You should see the bruises all of us have from it.  

*Branch presidency: My branch presidency is great.  They are always talking to us hermanas and checking in to make sure we are comfortable but uncomfortable at the same time.  Does that make sense?  I love seeing their wives, because it reminds me that moms still exist!  They always give us the biggest hugs and I feel close to home.  p.s. I miss hugging boys.
*Companion: Hermana Robinson is doing much better!  After some coaxing, she now shares with me exactly how she feels.  I think that it helps her to know that I am her temporary family!  And Heavenly Father is always there and ready to help her.
*Hermana Hill and Hermana Fry: together, us four make up our district.  Hermana Hill is so funny and spacey, it is just hilarious!! I love her so much.  She is going to Anika's mission.  Hermana Fry is the mom.  She is always reminding us to stay on task and follow the rules (i.e. no jaywalking, no talking to Elders alone, no saying the word "guys").  But she is a rock!
*My zone:  Oh man I just love them.  Did I already say that?  They are just some fo the best boys I have ever met!  So united in a common goal, and yet so different.  

Okay so I have to go soon to Tuesday night devotional.  I am singing in the choir.  Yeah, that's right, I joined the MTC choir! I am a proud (not prideful) 2nd alto, and I love it.  I miss music, so I made a goal that every day I pick a new hymn and whistle it all day long.  So far my favorites have been Come Thou Fount, All Creatures of Our God and King, Nearer My God to Thee, I Feel My Savior's Love, and a little Claire de Lune action.  I occasionally hum or sing out loud too, but whatever no one cares.

Okay, before I leave to sing for one of the apostles and then hear him speak (yeah, I love the MTC for that reason), I need to look up a talk!  This talk by Elder Bednar, titled "Character of Christ" can change your heart if you let it. Search for it on YouTube.  He gave it on Christmas Day at the MTC in I don't know what year. Everyone in the world should hear this.  It is my favorite talk that I have ever heard.  Ah I have a hand cramp.  I am typing so fast and trying to spit everything out I hope that some of this made sense.  But if you take anything away, it is to read that talk!!

Much Much Much love, Hermana Briggs
On the bus after temple.
Fun day at the temple. Love P days.

Printed our emails so we could reply to them.

Fun Nights. exhausted but not at the same time.
I found Sister Jenkins!! It was the happiest thing ever.

Hermana Tapia from Argentina is one of my all time best friends now. She is amazing. She is the one with the long dark hair. My companion is the blond short one, and the tall one is Hermana fry, and the short dark haired on is Hermana Hill.

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  1. You sound like a pumped up missionary! I'm also a humble 2nd alto.