Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 6, 2015

I had a great semana santa here!  I was able to travel to Santa Fe (Mayoraz) and do divisions there, and that was really fun.  I am learning A LOT.

Conference was great... we went out before each session to pick up less active members and bring them, as we are lacking in the investigator zone at the mombent, but looking and searching to find more.  
One of the less-active members that came is named Inez.  She is so sweet.  She is about 35 years old, and just a month ago went COMPLETELY BLIND.  Can you imagine waking up one day and not being able to see light?  She lives with her father, Esteban.  A couple years ago, her brother killed himself, and they moved homes to try to find a little bit of peace from their often- haunting thoughts of the event.  They currently live in a home that is shared with many other people.  Or, what I mean to say is, there is no front door, just a woven blanket that covered the doorway that leads to a dirt and stone hallway where many others live.  And they have a little one-room place for the two of them.  He passes the day without work, taking care of her, and trying to teach himself to read and play the guitar.  I cannot tell you how sad it was to leave from that home the first time I went... and seeing them suffering so much but not really knowing it.
We went over to her house before the conference and tried to help get her ready to go.  Esteban wouldn´t go with us (yet)... but we did Inez´s hair in braid and were going to paint her nails but realized that we didn´t have nailpolish and it was a Sunday.  We called a taxi and went to the conference (which started at 1:00pm here).
When we got there, the sweet relief society president came and helped her.  None of the members had known what kind of a condition she is in.  This relief society president has many family problems on her own... one being that they currently are trying to find a house and her husband lost his job and someone broke into their house and robbed them of almost everything they own!  That was real and true consecration from her.
But it was so fun to sit with new members and investigators and explain to them all of their questions as we watched the conference together.  And to see Inez out of her house and feeling beautiful.  It truly was a sweet and unforgettable experience.
I loved the talk that said we can be Latter-day sinners, quiters, hypocrits, or saints.  And that we just need to KEEP TRYING.  I have been rather frustrated with myself lately and my own weaknesses... my poor companion has heard me complain a lot about this.  But I just know that I am given these things so that I can rely on the Savior and learn to be more like Him and trust in Him.  Not so I feel horrible about myself.  He didn´t give His life so that we feel bad... He gave His life so that we feel hope and peace and happiness.

Love you all and I hope you had a good Easter.  And happy birthday, mom!  I love you so much.  More and more each day.

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