Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 20, 2015

Do you know how I came back to an area that I already was in?  Technically it is a different area but the same ward... well I was able to see Elin!  She is 14-years-old.  I was here when she was baptized 7 months ago.  And it was so amazing.  We went to their house at 11:30 am and they were all sleeping, hahah.  But we kept on knocking.  And the mom and Elin and her brother German sleepily got out of bed and changed and washed their faces as we waited in the kitchen/bedroom.  And when she finished and saw me, she gave me a hug and had tears in her eyes.  And she wouldn`t let go of me, and hugged me so tightly.  It was so amazing to be with her again and to hear of her miraculous change of heart and her love for Christ.  Oh I love her so much!

We are "using the fruits of the spririt as the measuring stick of our success."  I heard that from somewhere once but I can`t remember where. But it is so amazing how the Lord sends us little signs that we are on the right path.  For example... we were running behind in our appointments and stopped to talk to people and ended up being more behind and stressed in the bus.  But as we sat there, a new member entered the bus and sat down behind us.  We had been stressed about getting to her house later that week and didn`t know how we were going to!  Her name is Milagros, and she is a mother of 8 and works all day and studies all night and sleeps three hours no mas.  And then she comes to church on Sunday and is happy and very tired.  And then she does everything over again in the following week!!  But we were able to talk to her and see that she is well and let her know that we are thinking about her.  It was a good moment.

We had other things that happened.  Sitting in lunch and comforting mothers who are worried about their rebelious children and don`t know what to do, and helping married couples rely more on the gospel to resolve their problems, and meeting amazing people from other religions, and having a zone conference with Presidente Zanni, and having 4 investigators drop us, helping people who`s husbands died within the past week, and washing our hair with mayonays to kill the possibity of having lice, etc.  It is so amazing how the spirit adapts to all circumstances and knows all things.  And if we listen, we can help these people.  And if we don`t listen... we can do nothing.

Love you all!! 

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