Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 7, 2014

What a week...

Okay so I am going on my third transfer, third area, and fifth companion!  Heavenly Father knows I don´t like to leave people... and I am learning how to grow with it.  I´ll be honest... I know this would happen on my mission!

I will leave Paraná tomorrow morning, and that will be hard.  I love Hermana Rasband and Hermana Moberly so much.  I can´t even describe the funny and hard and scary and hilarious moments that we have had together... I have video but can´t send it until I get to a more secure computer (I don´t trust this one). Also, I love serving in the city.  So many things to see and so many crazy people!  It will be hard to leave la ciudad. 

Last night I said goodbye to Sergio and his family in Gálvez.  I will send pictures next week.  It was really hard but good.  I will never forget them and I know I will see them again soon... it is just hard.  They have gone through so many changes: joining the church, not having missionaries, and then saying goodbye to the only missionaries they ever knew.  They are the only active ones at church... and the year after conversion is the hardest of all.  I know they will be okay, but that this next year or so will be really difficult for them.  I wish I could be there to help them through.

My next area is called Capitan Bermudez and it is in the South.  My new companion is Hermana Gonzalez, and she is from Mexico.  I have heard she is amazing!  I am really excited and I will learn castellano quickly...

Last week Hermana Zanni, the wife of Presidente Zanni (my mission president) came and did divisions with us here in Paraná.  It was amazing... the spirit is so strong with her.  When she would testify, the whole room would warm up.  In every lesson our investigators ended up getting teary or crying... and ourselves included!   She knows what she knows and wants to share her joy with others.  I have pictures, but you won´t get them til later (sorry).

Love you so much!  Keep on keeping on.  "The task ahead is never as great as the power behind." -Brad Wilcox

Love, Hermana Eleanor Briggs

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