Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28, 2015

I am out of time, but I wanted you to know that this last week was amazing.  We have been working hard and Heavenly Father is blessing us so much.  Roberto and Joana and there whole family went to church on Sunday... they took up an entire bench and we handed out coloring paper and pencils to draw and stay still... and it was so amazing to see Roberto and Joana look so attently and listen to the speakers and the spirit.  In Relief Society they announced their marriage and that we will be having a little party here in the church... and Joana thanked everyone and began to cry.  She told about how she grew up in the street and begged for money and washed cars and was raised in an orphanage because she was abused by her family.  She didn`t go into much detail, but said, "When I didn`t want to exist anymore, and didn`t know if God existed, I came here And I feel so good here and I am so grateful. And now I have the energy and patience that I need to raise the children in my home and sit down and do homeowork with them, and keep working in the little store we have (kiosko)."  Easy to say there was not a dry eye there and the whole room was so moved... and I love the work of salvation with all my heart.

Love you so much... Hermana Eleanor Briggs

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