Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 24,2015

It was a week of many travels and good times.  I loved being with some great hermanas when I went on divisions to a couple of different pueblos, but it was nice to get back to my area for the weekend and see the faces of so many people here that I love.  When I pulled up to our little tiny barred-in house in the taxi, I almost started crying because it felt so good to be "home."

One of the highlights of this week was seeing the little 10-year-old girls hug each other in church when our investigators arrived.  The little children are so perfect!  They just become fast friends and are quick to forgive and don`t judge anyone.  They sense a good person.  It was so cute to see Bianca, who has been abused and hurt by her family from the time she was little, be taken in loving arms from the primary teachers and her new friends.  She had such a wide smile on her face, and skipped to her class.  

These are things that I will never forget.

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