Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 6, 2015 (sorry out of order)

I actually don`t know what to say today... it was such a week.  One of those weeks where seemily everything goes wrong!  Though I know that not EVERYTHING fell apart... because we still had a a lot of great moments as well.

I just tried to write about everything we did... but it didn`t come out right.  So I deleted it and am going to try again.  But basically we had to stay inside a day because of my achillis Tendon (I have no idea how to spell that in English).  But we went out to lunch at Patriarch`s house.  And as we talked to his wife and him... the spirit touched us so strongly and told us that we needed to leave and go to visit a sick member in the hospital.  But this member was in a hospital outside of our zone... so we called Presidente Zanni and asked for permission.  His answer was "Que harìa Jesucristo?"  He said "What would Jesus Christ do?"  
"Go," I answered.
"Then why are you calling me?" he laughed.  

So we arrived and had a very special and sad experience there... it was a good thing we went.  

But then later in the week we were sick... and then we had LICE ROUND 2.  We got lice from some of the hermanas that we recently did divisions with... but it is okay because I am now a professional lice-picker!!  My poor companion... she had it worst this time.

On Sunday we began teaching a woman named Tatiana.  She is 33 and has two beautiful little girls... and they are so skinny because sometimes they don`t have enough to eat.  She is a single mom and working and living in a home right next to the train tracks.  She told us, "I was born Jewish.  But my mom began taking us to the Evangelical church even though we are Jewish.  And then I went to a Catholic church.  And now I just don`t know.  But I decided that when Jesus Christ tells me which church is His... that will be my religion."
"Perfect!" we told her, giving her the Book of Mormon.  

Even though it was a really hard week for us, I am so grateful for every moment that I have to be a missonary.  I love it... even on the hard days.  When we are lost, we get to see Argentina and how amazing it is.  And when it is hot or cold, we get to experience a little bit of what everyone else around the world has.  I don`t really know what is is like to pass through hunger... because that never happens here!  But I love the people and getting to know them and learn from them.  And I am grateful that it is something  I can do my whole life... not just here.  And serve the Lord.

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