Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015

I had an amazing week this week.

We had a lesson with Tatiana, who is a single mother raising two little girls. She lives right along the train tracks and works all day to help provide for their little home made of metal sheets.  And it was so sad as she told us that she chose not to believe in things that she can`t see, because she has been so hurt by people in the past. The sun was going down and setting behind the identical white government homes where we were working (you can imagine long lines of identical white houses with blue railing.. it makes me feel kind of like I am in a movie).  But it made a sort of pink haze as the sun set, and we set out down the dirt road and I couldn`t get Tatiana`s face out of my mind.  And I was wondering if she was so far from the spirit that she couldn`t feel it, or if she really did feel it and chose not to listen. As I thought, a little voice pulled me out of my thoughts.  "Are you from the church?"  it said.  And we looked over our shoulders, and found a little four-year-old girl standing outside alone by her chicken-wire fence.  "Si," I said.  And we began to slowly walk towards her, and I asked her if her mom was home.  The little girl looked frightened and ran inside... and out came the mother with her three daughters.  Her name is Lorena.
We began to talk to Lorena shared about the Plan of Salvation.  She asked us if we wanted to go into their home and talk!!  What!  We had to set up an appointment for another day, because it was just getting dark in this dangerous area and we had another appointment.

Fast forward two days later. What began as a lesson outside with Lorena as we sat around a giant pot of soup that was boiling over a huge fire, soon became a giant lesson inside of their little home with 9 people around us.  Her sister-in-law and brother and other sister and dad and grandpa and all of their children... and all of them were listening so intently!  There was silence.  And the brother, Manuel, said, "In every prayer I have ever done, I have always asked what church is true and where do we go when we die. And I feel like now I am learning the answers."  It was such a miracle!  This transfer has been one of the hardest, but the miracles have been some of the greatest.  I am so grateful for the stretching and growth that God is giving to us.  And for the spirit that is constantly guiding us. Sometimes I feel it leave as I grow impatient or upset... and I quickly try to change.  It is not easy and I am so so so far from where I need to be... but there is growth!!

Love you all so much.  This the Romero Family... and they are progressing well.  From the saddness of losing someone, came pure happiness of finding many.

Hermana Eleanor Briggs

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