Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015


I had a really great week this last week.  We did a lot of traveling all over the place... from Rosario to Santa Fe to Paranà.  But it was so much fun and I love it!

One of the best moments was on Tuesday.  Hermana Yi is my new companion... she was born in Korea but has lived in the states since she was 7-years-old.  She is the oldest of three girls and lived mainly in Chicago!  She speaks Korean, English, and Spanish.  And she has been here one transfer more than me... but it is just so much fun because we could hit the ground running together!  And we had a lesson in the chapel with Elias.  Elias (I think I wrote about him once) is going to be baptized on 23 of May.  He has changed his entire life!  Done a full 180.  He was addicted to drugs, but hasn`t touched them since he began reading the Book of Mormon three weeks ago.  And we had a lesson about ten commandments... and with us was Barbara (a recent convert who was baptized 4 months ago and is 20 years old and SO AWESOME) and a returned missionary named Fabricio.  And we began talking, and everyone shared their testimonies about the blessings that come from the commanments.  And when we got to "Honor your mother and your father"  he began to cry, and told us about how he learned this commandment when he was young and his mom was diagnosed with HIV.  It was so amazing as we all felt the spirit as he told us about his life and history and his love for his mom.  Oh my goodness I think it was the best lesson I have ever had!  And Barbara shared about how they never had enough food growing up, and rough things went on in their house, but she learned how to forgive her parents and learn to love and honor them.  

I am so grateful for you, mom and dad!  I love you all so much.

Love, Hermana Eleanor Briggs

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