Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's with the blog title?

 I have always wanted to go on an adventure... and now I am embarking on what is surely the grandest (and most difficult) experience of my life thus far.  I am beyond excited to serve the people of Argentina, and to serve the Lord by giving myself to Him.  It is a process that cannot be mastered even by the most disciplined and faithful members in anything short of a lifetime.  But I look forward to continuing on in learning from my experiences and using what I know to help change the lives of others.  My hope is that I can bring the spirit into homes, the gospel into families, and refine myself as well through my efforts.  I know, without any hesitation, that Christ died for us, and through His Atonement we can return to live with our loving Parents in Heaven, again.  Eternal Life is possible, and we are all capable of it-- if only we return to virtue and endure to the end.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Below are just a few of my long list of favorites (because I know you were all dying to know what defines me). ⟵ sarcasm

-mi familia-

-my best friend and sister, Amelia Mae Briggs-

-but seriously, she is the cutest-

        -this is exactly how I feel--all the time-- and I know it will be like this for the next 18 months-

-just a pretty picture-

-just a few of my friends-- I have many more but am so bad at taking pictures with people!-

-Grandma Joy (and Paul)-

-below are some pictures from my favorite contemporary artist, J. Kirk Richards-

-please take me literally when I say that this is honestly a life-changing and beautiful book-

Listen to The Killers, Michael Buble, The Police, Breakfast at Tiffany's album ("Moon River" obviously), and Radical Face ("Welcome Home" is prime) for me while I'm gone.  I'll miss them.  

I absolutely hate goodbyes.  So see you all in 18!

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